She is my most most favorite charter ever!  Her name is Mia.  When she came fishing for the first time (two years ago) she wanted to drive the boat; I said “yes”. She did a great job!

This year when she and her family came fishing, we saw whales and we caught a lot of bass.  Her favorite part is always driving the boat, so let her drive.  I am always nearby, but I don’t hold the wheel, I just give her direction and she does the rest!  From the moment we got out of the river, she asked to drive and drove for the rest of the trip.  On the way back in the river, she continued to drive past all the marker buoys, for 6 miles all by herself.  Next year, I probably won’t have to drive at all, it will be all Mia…

A little more about Mia:

Mia is 11 years old and lives in Connecticut, loves Star Wars movies, soccer, basketball, and snowboarding.

Mia is polite, very smart, and learns fast.  It was a pleasure to have her and her family out on the water.  We can’t wait to have them out again next year!

“What a wonderful trip. The Captain was very friendly and helpful. My family loved his sense of humor. He was right there to help us with the lines and hints to make the trip the event of our vacation”

~Herb, 2018

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